Professional book editing

Experienced editor with published experience in fiction and non-fiction. I specialise in engaging narratives and
thought-provoking stories.

My Services

With published experience in fiction and non-fiction genres, I can help take your manuscript to the next level. By reviewing your story's structure, tone, grammar and overall arc, I can help your manuscript connect with diverse groups of readers and become a lasting work of art which will remain for years to come.

From exploring the level of development characters undertake throughout your story to ensuring your writing is grammatically correct, professional editing can help.

With a focus on effective and engaging writing, I offer developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading services to suit your needs. 

If you're unsure which editing type is right for you, please contact me for more information.

About Me

I have over 4 years of experience editing a variety of content across multiple sectors; it's my role to help you refine your writing while maintaining your unique voice. 

Since receiving my first-class degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Brighton, I've made it my goal to work with inspiring stories and love thought-provoking and entertaining reads. From wandering a circus at night, sailing a small boat with Richard Parker and fighting brutal dragons in the farthest reaches of the world, I've found my home among the pages of many books and am grateful to have pursued this professionally. 

I currently work as an Editor for the imprint SparkPool at Igloo Books Ltd. (Bonnier Books). Please scroll down to see my published works.

How I can help

With extensive experience creating, editing and publishing content across a diverse range of sectors, I specialise in elevating your writing.

As both an editor and writer, I value the importance of preserving your unique voice while enhancing the quality of your work. My role is to refine your writing without overshadowing your distinctive style.

Maintaining the integrity of your writing's tone is my foremost priority during the editing process. Through collaboration with you, I ensure your words resonate powerfully by offering tailored advice and support. Whether you need an editor to assist you with spelling, punctuation and grammar, to ensure your narrative is engaging or you require a professional critique of your story's arc, I am able to help.

My portfolio spans short and long fiction and non-fiction texts from previous and ongoing work. My passions lie in engaging diverse readerships, particularly young and new adult audiences. With a well-informed approach to tackling important and sensitive topics, I enjoy thought-provoking themes and writing which isn't afraid to challenge the status quo.

I provide a range of services including proofreading, copy editing and developmental editing. Each service is meticulously tailored to your specific needs. From thorough grammar reviews with suggested textual enhancements or developmental insights addressing structure, character depth and tone, I am committed to enriching your writing.

I hope we can work together. Please contact me for more information.

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